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This dual-layered process, comprising a ‘General Look’ and an ‘Audit’ review, is the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence. It’s not just about checking boxes, it’s about ensuring that every plan we produce meets our high standards of precision and reliability.

General Look

The general look is a quality control of the entire drawing. With this control, every detail on the drawing is checked. In smaller projects, this type of control is conducted among team members, or, in some special cases, by the project manager. On larger projects, one or more persons are assigned specifically for this task and are responsible for this control.


An audit is a type of control that is conducted after the “General Look” control, and with this control, we check the main items on the drawing. In smaller projects, this control is performed by the project manager or someone from the team working on the given project. On larger projects, this control is carried out by one person or more persons who are specifically assigned to that task.

Improved Product Quality

Audits ensure products consistently meet standards, enhancing customer trust and satisfaction.

Operational Efficiency

Regular evaluations identify inefficiencies, reducing waste and increasing productivity without compromising quality.

Risk Mitigation

Proactive audits help comply with regulations, avoiding legal issues and demonstrating commitment to high standards.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“We have been working with NS Drafter for five years now, mainly for 3D reinforcement design. From the start, the contact has been very pleasant. They are skilled and enthusiastic people, the agreements are clear and they stick to that. For us, NS Drafter is an excellent addition to our own design capacity!”

Dick Grotholt | General Manager / Paxaro

” NS Drafter has been a great asset to the Lloyd Rebar team. Great group of people that are both willing and eager to assist in any project big or small. Their attention to detail goes unmatched providing top-tier quality across projects. NS Drafter has been a great team to work with, they have readily adapted to schedule changes and provided valuable input for our projects. They are a reliable partner and asset to Lloyd Rebar.”

Brandon Mawhorr | COO / Lloyd Rebar


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