Frasers Logistic Warehouse in Duisburg

The project entails the construction of two logistic warehouses, specifically Unit no.5 and Unit no.6, designed to enhance operational efficiency and space utilization. Unit no.5 measures 143m by 128m/118m with a height of 13.96m, while Unit no.6 extends 160m by 93.3m, also reaching up to 13.96m in height. The project’s execution has been entrusted to Max Bögl, a notable contractor, with the design expertise provided by Dipl. Ing. Zoran Velickovic.

Our role in this project has been focused on the intricate detailing of rebar, preparing quotations, and marking precast elements, culminating in the creation of the ABS File. This technical work was facilitated by the use of the Tekla model from our client, which was imported into Allplan via an IFC file, ensuring precision and alignment with the project’s structural requirements. This approach not only highlights our technical capability but also showcases our ability to integrate and adapt to provided digital frameworks for optimal project execution.

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