Port in the Netherlands

This project showcases our expertise in 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) through the development of a support wall model for a major port in Europe. The structure is crucial for the port’s operations, featuring a complex assembly of various foundational and supportive elements designed for durability and stability.

The primary structure of the support wall consists of retaining walls built from a series of profiled metal piles in varying shapes, which are closely aligned to form a robust barrier. These are supplemented by a reinforced concrete frontal wall, deeper-set tubular piles for additional support in certain areas, reinforced concrete piles, and steel anchors to secure the structure against the considerable forces exerted by the surrounding environment.

Additionally, a comprehensive drainage system was incorporated into the model, consisting of drainage pipes, drains, and shafts that extend along the entire length of the wall. This system is essential for managing water flow and pressure, preventing water accumulation and ensuring the long-term stability of the port’s infrastructure. This project exemplifies our ability to integrate complex structural and hydraulic systems into a cohesive model that supports critical infrastructure needs.

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