Why You Should Work With Us

Aljosa Vukovic on October 18, 2017

As a young company, we feel obligated to introduce ourselves. Of course, one article can’t be enough to convince any serious engineer, architect, or company – weather design or contractor. For additional information, please look at our portfolio and feel free to ask us anything.

In a huge market and countless companies, today’s engineering community can offer, I will list what separates NS Drafter from others and the values we stand for.

How we started

In 2016 Aljosa and me, faculty colleagues, coincidentally started working for a Rebar Detailing company in our town of Novi Sad, Serbia. We have spent nine months working together on the same team and did a great job there together.

We came up with the idea to try our chances on-line, in the freelance community, and soon successfully finished a few projects, with client’s compliments.

That’s when we realized we are good at our job, using AutoCAD software as the primary tool, and knowledge gathered through education and worked on the various projects.

As we didn’t have enough time with the growing amount of work, we started creating a team, carefully choosing the members. Aleksandra, Milos, Milan, and Nikola joined the team, our colleagues from the Faculty of Technical Science in Novi Sad. Milos had already graduated, and the 3 of them were near completion. They showed the same spark and will to make something great and to be part of it.

But that is not all. We needed someone to break us through the crowds of people and potential new clients on the internet. This is where Marko steps in, a friend and an experienced web designer, Google analyst, and marketing specialist. Using Marko’s great communication skills and our team’s excellent engineering and drafting skills, NSDrafter was born.


Since we are a young company, one of our primary attributes is Enthusiasm. Our drafters approach every task, small or big, name it, with passion and a can-do approach. When every team member enjoys their work and has an active interest in each segment of the project, the team’s impact as a whole is enormous.

Word obstacle isn’t in our dictionary, instead of it, you can find challenge. And for each of them, you will hear: “Challenge accepted!”


Now, someone might say: “They are young, there is a lack of experience and knowledge”. But, if you dig a little under the surface, you will see that we have a pretty educated and experienced team.

From formal and non-formal education, which includes technical high-schools and colleges, seminars, courses, etc., to work on various projects on positions such as – drafter, structural engineer, team leader, engineering coordinator, etc., lack of experience is not an issue.


As a mainly drafting company, precision and attention to detail are a must. Using software such as AutoCAD and Revit, the leading CAD and BIM software applications, makes it easy to work fast enough to be as precise as possible.

Our team is highly trained to take the best of these, as well as to use their knowledge and technical skills to produce impeccable Design – or Shop Drawings. Yet, to avoid inevitable human errors, no drawing will come out without a thorough General Look and Audit.


Don’t think of Versatility as a weakness. Having individuals skilled in different fields, Civil and Electrical Engineering Drafting, Rebar Detailing, Structural and Architectural Design, makes it possible to perceive any issue that can come up from many angles.

Coordinating all those fields enables us to have a bigger picture and avoid any clashes in the project. You can also give different tasks to us and have much less to worry about, minimizing risks of misunderstanding that may arise with communication between separate sub-contractors.


Being a modern company in the Information Age, what we strive for, means you must be innovative.

Following modern technologies, the latest software applications, we always want to improve our team and our facilities. Our young team is as ready to change as possible, so we are handling the rapidly forward-moving technological innovations very well.

We are continually developing our craft and improving our skills. More on the future-thinking attitude in a separate article, which will come out soon, stay tuned.


We are very proud of the teamwork level in NS Drafter. Choosing our team based on this attribute as one of the core values, we have goal-oriented personnel.

Everything is subordinated to a successfully finished Project and overcoming all obstacles to meet tight deadlines which come with our niche, with required quality.

You don’t have to worry about that issue. We don’t want a team overloaded with work, not able to deliver, as much as you don’t. We will make sure to have as many capabilities as needed for a smooth workflow.


Working in international companies, on projects, and in countries from whole over the world, from Australia, through the Middle East, Europe, to the USA, made us really good in professional communication.

Anywhere you come from, we are ready to hear from you and work together. Once again, the fact we are a young company is a positive thing, because we will never look at you or any of your projects just as “one more project”.  We will keep this attitude as one of our core values.

Also, we are agile, you will never wait less than 12 hours for our response (no, seriously, test us). We value time and great communication.

Human values

The last thing I will single-out is not the last by chance. What we stand for are Human Values. The purpose of a human being is to be useful to others around you, so we treat both our co-workers and clients as human beings.

We will look for the best way to deeply understand what you really need for your project and how we can help it make it work. As good listeners, we are ready for any suggestions and adaptations, and we can create the world better together.

We cherish long-term, friendly, and professional relationships, so we don’t want to stop at one project if we fulfilled your expectations.
With us, you will never be just a number on a spreadsheet!

I could write about how we work and what we want to achieve for days, but I will have to stop here. I believe you have a clearer picture of NS Drafter.

Now that you know more about us, if you like what you see in our portfolio, let’s start working, as we are just one click away.

We value time and great communication. Feel free to ask us anything.

    *We will get back to you in less than 24 hours.