Rebar Detailing Services

NS Drafter is a premier rebar service company specializing in detailing, drawing, 3D modeling, and estimation. With the expertise and manpower to detail over 2,500 tons of rebar monthly, we have been providing top-notch services for nearly a decade, adhering to industry standards such as ASTM, ACI, CRSI, AASHTO, RSIO, and BS 8666 to clients worldwide.

Our detailing and estimation services are tailored for structural engineers, rebar fabricators, steel erectors, detailers, general contractors, concrete contractors, and designers.

How do we do it?

At NS Drafter, our expert team of rebar detailers specializes in creating precise shop drawings for reinforcing steel placement. These drawings provide exact specifications for bends, shapes, and lap splices tailored to your project’s requirements. We address any constructability issues upfront, ensuring solutions are in place before any rebar is bent or sheared.

Our detailed drawings enable contractors to clearly visualize structures, simplifying the work for ironworkers by indicating exact placement, which in turn reduces installation costs. We focus on rebar detailing for medium to large construction projects, including extensive foundations, stadiums, elevated railway structures, bridge superstructures, school and public buildings, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, marine structures, auditoriums, hospitals, treatment plants, parking garages, walls, slabs and stairs.

Rebar Shop Drawings and Schedules

To create robust reinforcement solutions from foundation to final floor, our expert rebar detailers produce shop drawings with precise details on bends, shapes, and lap splices. As a leading rebar detailing company, we take responsibility for delivering detailed drawings that help contractors visualize structures before any rebar is bent or sheared.

This proactive approach allows them to address constructability issues early, reducing the need for requests for information (RFIs). Our rebar detailing drawings guide ironworkers on the exact placement of steel, minimizing errors, cutting installation costs, and addressing storage space challenges at the site.

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